“Distributed Database & Web Solution”

Client: TourPro Software

Responsibilities: Design, Development and Support

Client Since: 2008 - Present


Maxtreme developed TourPro as a pet-project that evolved into a mission-critical system for 14 companies across the US.  TourPro was originally written to provide Rolodex simplicity to tour event management. It quickly developed into a Server, Web, Client, and Mobile based solution allowing our customers and their employees to work on the same shows in different states.

TourPro provides a web-based registration portal that allows for our customers' clients to quickly register for the events that they wish to attend. A high-speed storage system allows for the clients to upload multimedia files that correlate to their registration in a single click. TourPro clients get email notifications when accounts open and registrations close. With a single click, their desktop application synchronizes with the server and that registration is in their system for manipulation. TourPro removed the entire data input process and simplified it to a single click.   Automated tools help organize and schedule classes and other activities at the events with ease.

Now responsible for over 300 events a year, TourPro has become the event management platform our customers cant live without.



  • Client Online Registration Portal with integrated Music Manager
  • Desktop Registration Management Software
  • Onsite Event Management
  • Automated Competition Judging and Reporting
  • Integrated Media Tools and Utilities
  • Photo and Video sales tools
  • Client Online Results Portal
  • Mac, Windows. and iOS compatible
  • Data is fully redundant and multiple offline copies of the data can be updated with a single click.
  • 100+ Print and Email Reports



TourPro is an industry game changer. A 1,500 attendee even used to take a staff of 10 to manage but with TourPro, it’s down to a single person. Boxes of paper work were reduced to a thumb drive and our customers are able focus on managing their event without constantly being engaged in updating documents and running calculations.  In other words, our clients can now focus on their end-user experience and pull together the best event that they can.