“Enterprise Class Workflow Management”

Client: Multi-Billion Dollar Nationwide Retailer

Responsibilities: Creative Services Support and Consulting

Client Since: 2006 - Present


A member of the Creative Service team approached Maxtreme in 2006 to provide onsite support for approximately 30 workstations. Since then, Maxtreme has facilitated a 300% growth in size of the Creative Service department. In addition to the daily support, we were tasked by the CIO for the lift, migration and integration of a subsidiary creative service department and were critical to the success of workflow integration of the previously separate creative service departments. For this migration, we helped design, develop, and implement a new database system that integrated with a newly implemented digital asset management system responsible for over 2 million product images. This new system took page build times from 4 hours down to about 40 minutes.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Manage and maintain 14 servers for the Creative Service department.
    • Manage and maintain a 108TB Xsan Storage system
    • Resolve All Tier 2 and Tier 3 Mac client issues
    • Work with the existing IT department to effectively integrate the Mac clients into the predominantly PC environment.
    • Developed secure and reliable system images for client workstations
    • Implemented a silent desktop backup system
    • Management of a multi-million dollar asset management system that is utilized for in-store, mailing, and online advertisements that are seen by millions every week.
    • Simplified the overall workflow process allowing one Creative Service department to service multiple brands
    • Developed custom tools to assist day-to-day activities
    • Work with the Creative Service department to migrate from a printed proofing process to a nearly 100% digital proofing system.
    • Responsible for the purchase and implementation of Casper suite of management tools


Dramatic evolution. With this client, we assisted in multiple stages of growth allowing them to stay ahead of the curve with each and every change. Overall, we were able to improve employee efficiency while reducing issues typically found in the ever-changing creative field. Leveraging our abilities to identify potential issues before they become problems has allowed this client to scale and grow as business requirements changed.