“The Complete Package”

Client: SoCal City GovernmentResponsibilities: Complete IT ProviderClient Since: 2008 - Present


An outgoing IT Manager for the City approached Maxtreme with their issues. Our first task was to stabilize the server environment that was left in shambles by a previous consultant. After stabilizing their multiple servers, internal mail service and client images for Macs and PCs, Maxtreme assumed full responsibility of all IT related systems. We facilitated the complete replacement of all systems and turned the City into the first known Government office to be entirely Mac-based from server to client.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Full desktop and server support services covering over 70+ computers spread across three campuses
    • Support is 24/7 and includes phone and email support with help desk ticketing and onsite scheduled services.
    • Implemented Barracuda network appliances for email retention, compliance, and spam/firewall services for the network
    • Designed, implemented, and support an improved network infrastructure with enterprise WiFi
    • Created and implemented network scope and policy
    • Implemented silent client and server backups including an in-place Disaster Recovery System to cover all shared files and important user data.
    • Support main production large-format Ricoh printers that includes scanning integration with LDAP and file sharing
    • Work directly with outside vendor to support phones and fax lines
    • Scoped and implemented a new Audio/Video system for City Council meetings and integrated with the city's network services
    • Support Audio/Video setups needed both on and off–site
    • Involved with yearly and mid-year budget for all IT needs, covering all departments
    • Work with outside vendors to make all purchases of software and hardware
    • Setup and support city-owned mobile devices and services


Since assuming all IT Department responsibilities, Maxtreme has proven itself to be a reliable partner that is highly integrated with the daily operations of the City and all of its departments. We have been able to mange and maintain costs while improving the end-user experience with the switch to Mac desktop and laptops. Even being a nearly 100% Apple environment, the City has not lost compatibility with all outside PC services.